Integrity comes from living a life aligned with your soul & living the truth that you know within. Integrity comes from the way one behaves, speaks & the actions that honors Self as well as others. As you evolve spiritually having integrity becomes a highly important quality. You will observe & examine things before you do them, choosing what truthfully aligns with your values & soul truth.

If you truly want to lift all the veils of illusion & all the distortion & confusion, then you need to learn what your soul truth is & come from your integrity on earth. You need to challenge yourself to come from your heart space with interactions with others instead of your will or solar plexus & sacral attachment. Your heart leads to the highest truth in all situations. You will experience your truth when you make the focus about serving others, putting yourself in their position & only participating in things that honor both equally.

As you step into full integrity, you begin shifting & accelerating your growth on all levels. You will experience more love, peace & balance in life. You will not choose to do something just because there is an opportunity to engage in something seeming like glamour. You will choose the path of true honor based on making a meaningful contribution to others & this planet from a higher level. ~

作者:Abigail Wainwright






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